At UNITED REALTY GROUP, we strive for customer satisfaction.  Therefore, we are
committed to providing you with service that is professional, courteous and attentive
when searching for the right home for you.  
What you should know:

In most instance, at United Realty Group, we do not charge a fee or commission when
representing the buyer
.  Most and almost every instance our service is compensated by the seller.
How we will work together:

 *       We will meet with you to discuss your home objective
         as well as financial objective.

 *        We will assist you in searching for the right property.

 *        We will attend all showings and open houses with you.

 *        We will conduct a comparative market analysis of property of interest
          before making any offer.

 *        We will protect your interest when it comes to making an offer and
          negotiating on the property.

 *        We will recommend and attend Home Inspections

 *        We will analyze the Home Inspection report and make
          appropriate recommendation

 *        We will accompany you at your final walk-through.

 *        We will attend closing with you.